The mission of NOAP is to promote public safety through participation of potentially impaired healthcare professionals in monitored rehabilitation and recovery as an alternative to license discipline, emphasizing fitness to practice and retention of competent professionals. NOAP is committed to working in cooperation with regulatory and professional organizations toward this objective.

Call for Nominations

20 Dec 2018 10:58 AM | Susan Toth (Administrator)

NOAP is seeking nominations for the following positions:

  • President Elect (2 years as President Elect; 2 years as President)*
  • Secretary (2 year term, expiring March 2021)*
  • Director-at-large (1) (2 year term, expiring March 2021)

*The Executive Committee (President, President Elect, Treasurer, Secretary) are limited to members who are employed with an alternative to discipline or monitoring program. To encourage diversity among the board, the position of Director-at-large is open to any member of NOAP.

The relevant bylaws are provided below for your information and review. Self nominations are encouraged. Please consider getting involved with your professional organization!

Key Dates and Nomination Information:

  • Please submit your nominations to the NOAP Executive Office ( for the positions listed above.
  • Nominations are due by January 25, 2019.
  • Nominees must submit a 1 paragraph biography including qualifications and a statement of their interest in serving to the NOAP Executive Office on or before February 1, 2019. (Limit 200 words).
  • The ballot will be emailed to eligible voting members on February 10, 2019 (vote closes on Mar. 15) and the nominees will take their positions at the conclusion of the 2019 Annual Conference.

Thank you,

Robert Ranieri
Account Manager
National Organization of Alternative Programs
3416 Primm Lane
Birmingham, AL 35216 USA
P: 205-823-6106

From the NOAP Bylaws, see bylaws at

ARTICLE V. Elections

Section 1.

  1. All elections shall be conducted under the authority of the nominating committee.
  2. Elections shall be conducted every year, and ballots shall be sent to each eligible voting member 30 days prior to the annual meeting.
  3. In the event of a vacancy of President Elect, Secretary, or Treasurer, nominations and elections will be conducted for the remaining term of office.
  4. Organizational officers shall be duly elected by a majority of the ballots cast. President Elect shall be elected every two years for a four year term, serving as President Elect year one and two, and serving as President year three and four. All other Officers shall be elected for a two-year term. The President Elect, Secretary and one (1) Officer at large shall be elected on alternate years from the Treasurer and the other Officer at Large.

ARTICLE VI. Officers

Section 1. Terms of Office

  1. The Organization shall have six (6) elected officers: President, President Elect, Secretary, Treasurer and two (2) Officers-at-Large.
  2. Officers shall serve a two-year term of office, with a limit of two consecutive terms in any one office.
  3. The terms of office shall commence at the conclusion of the annual membership meeting and run through the conclusion of the annual membership meeting two (2) years hence. The outgoing President shall preside over the annual membership meeting.
  4. Absence from more than two consecutive meetings (Executive Committee and/or annual meeting) without cause shall constitute a resignation.
  5. In the event a vacancy occurs in the position of the President, the President Elect automatically assumes the presidency.
  6. In the event of an officer vacancy, the Executive Committee may appoint a duly qualified replacement if the remainder of the term of office is one year or less.

Section 2. Functions

  1. President
    1. Officiates at Executive Committee and general Organization meetings.
    2. Maintains communication with committees of the organization.
    3. Serves on the Executive Committee for the two years following his/her term of office.
    4. Appoints members to committees as needed after consulting with the Executive Committee.
  2. President Elect
    1. Assumes the responsibilities at the request of, or in the absence of, the President during Executive Committee and Organization business meetings.
    2. Carries out those responsibilities delegated by the President or the Executive Committee.
    3. Provides oversight to the standing committees.
  3. Secretary
    1. Carries out those responsibilities delegated by the President or the Executive Committee.
    2. Records, maintains and distributes to the membership minutes of all organizational meetings.
    3. Maintains a current roster of the membership of the Organization, its committees and other essential documents.
  4. Treasurer
    1. Maintains the Organization’s financial accounts, non-profit status, and reports finances to the Executive Committee.
    2. Makes a report of the financial status of the Organization at all meetings and an annual report for distribution to the membership.
    3. Coordinates all financial responsibilities for the Organization including business meetings, special events and the routine expenses of the Organization.
    4. Carries out those responsibilities delegated by the President or the Executive Committee.
    5. Maintains an up-to-date list of the members whose dues are paid in full. Distributes notices to those members whose dues are in arrears.
    6. Prepares the records of the Organization for independent review and tax preparation.


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