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Research Committee
Mission & Charge


Develop, evaluate and pursue research opportunities including partnerships which may be available to NOAP and present such opportunities to the NOAP Executive Committee. To conduct at least two active research projects each year considering topics such as, but not limited to program structure, measures, and outcomes.

Committee Charge

  • The Research Committee will pursue and disseminate evidence-based research and best practices that will enhance the standing and understanding of healthcare professional monitoring/health programs.
  • The Research Committee will both generate guidance and support external research projects.
  • The Research Committee will promote an increased awareness of substance use, and psychiatric and physical illness in healthcare professionals.
  • The Research Committee will have at least two active board approved, research projects annually.
  • IRB approval is necessary for all research involving human subjects
  • Matters related to the authorship and publication of papers shall be negotiated in a collaborative manner.


  • The chair shall be appointed by the Board of Directors.
  • The committee shall consist of at least 3 but not more than 6 members including a member of the Board of Directors.
  • Committee members shall be representatives of state member professional monitoring/health programs.

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