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NOAP Founders Scholarship


In recognition of NOAP’s 25th anniversary, the organization is excited to share this $1000 scholarship opportunity designed to promote the benefits of NOAP membership. The scholarship will directly support conference attendance and registration for the upcoming May 14 -17th, 2024 in Fort Meyers, Florida. It is our hope that the recipient will experience increased awareness and gain knowledge regarding best practices for the prevention, identification, and monitoring of health professionals with substance use and mental health disorders.


The applicant must be:

  1. Currently employed in monitoring healthcare professionals with a board disciplinary, peer assistance or ATD programs.
  2. Currently not a NOAP member.
  3. The $1000 scholarship award covers the registration of $450 and $550 to cover the lodging and travel expenses (will be reimbursed post conference).
  4. The application deadline is March 30, 2024.


  1. The applicant is required to submit a 250–300 word essay discussing:
    1. Why s/he is interested in attending the conference,
    2. What s/he plans to do with the knowledge gained, and
    3. The reason s/he would otherwise be unable to attend the conference.
  2. The applicant must submit a letter of recommendation from a supervisor, co-worker, or current NOAP member who can attest to the applicant’s standing in the professional monitoring field.
  3. The application and recommendation must be submitted using the form below.
  4. Recipient will be notified by no later than April 15, 2024.

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