The mission of NOAP is to promote public safety through participation of healthcare professionals in monitored rehabilitation and recovery as an alternative to license discipline; emphasizing fitness to practice and retention of competent professionals.


NOAP Becky Eisenhut Memorial Scholarship Application


To provide to an individual, who would be otherwise unable to attend the NOAP Conference, an opportunity to stimulate research that has direct or indirect impact on improvement of ATD programs.


  1. The applicant must be:
    1. Currently employed in monitoring professionals or an ATD program; or
    2. Involved in the promotion or research of recovery of healthcare professionals.
  2. Membership is not required however preference will be given to current members of NOAP.
  3. The award covers the cost of registration for the annual NOAP conference and $500 stipend.
  4. The application deadline is February 15.


  1. The applicant is required to submit a 250-300 word essay discussing:
    1. Why s/he is interested in attending the conference,
    2. What s/he plans to do with the knowledge gained, and
    3. The reason s/he would otherwise be unable to attend the conference.
  2. The applicant must submit a letter of recommendation from a supervisor, co-worker, or current NOAP member who can attest to the applicant’s standing in the professional monitoring field.
  3. The application and recommendation must be submitted using the form below.

Scholarship Fund Contributions

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Note: Conference attendees are required to follow CDC and/or New Mexico Dept of Health guidelines regarding masking, social distancing, and/or other health/Covid-19 related guidelines.


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