The mission of NOAP is to promote public safety through participation of healthcare professionals in monitored rehabilitation and recovery as an alternative to license discipline; emphasizing fitness to practice and retention of competent professionals.


NOAP Position Statement on Racism and Discrimination

  • 08 Jul 2020 2:48 PM
    Message # 9089055
    NOAP Executive Office (Administrator)

    In respect to this summer’s worldwide protest against systemic racism, The National Organization of Alternative Programs (NOAP) would like to take this opportunity to ensure all those directly and indirectly involved with our organization that any form of racism or discrimination is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. We understand that issues stemming from systemic racism and discrimination affect millions of people worldwide; therefore, we do not fail to recognize that these very same issues may affect our organizational members as well.

    Systemic racism and discrimination foster disparities that may hinder affordability and accessibility to quality care for our clients. All professional assistance programs must face this reality and commit to providing equal respect and care to its’ clients no matter the race, nationality, age, education, sexual orientation, gender identification or creed of its clients and staff. NOAP values the principles of equality and inclusivity. We believe that under such principles we may be of maximum service and most effective in addressing the needs and wellbeing of our membership.

    Addictive and mental health disorders do not discriminate and therefore, we must not discriminate when treating it. So we ask that you please stand with us as an organization in the fight against racism and discrimination so that we may best achieve our vision.

    Drafted by Meghan McGauley

    Adopted by the NOAP Board of Directors, 8-July-2020


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