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Peer group Facilitation VS. Case Manager roles

18 Apr 2019 7:10 AM | Terri Ivory


Our NJ monitoring program (RAMP) has a history of utilizing RN Case Managers (CM) in the dual roles of CM and Peer Group Facilitators. Our CM's do not accept participants that are part of their case-loads as members of their peer groups in order to avoid claims of favoritism etc.… The origin and main rationale of this practice began years ago as a response to dwindling numbers of available facilitators. Currently and historically, there have not been any citable problems with this practice.

We are moving ahead with our program agenda by partnering with a third-party administrator which will now install a more academic and structured format for our peer groups, we are excited and proud of this evolvement of process especially as it may pertain to measurable outcomes. As a result, RAMP is rethinking the dual role function and needs outside opinions and viewpoints.

I would appreciate any feedback about your facilitator processes and groups. Please consider looking at the questions below and provide comments and suggestions accordingly. Or, please contact me directly as needed.

  • 1.      Does your program utilize CM’s in a Peer facilitator role? If so, what policies might you have in place to guard the program from possible legal consequence?
  • 2.      Have you considered a dual CM Peer facilitator role? If so, can you provide insight to why you have chosen to either approve or disapprove a dual role?
  • 3.      Are you considering a dual role now or, have you previously used a dual role?  
  • 4.      What concerns do you have about utilizing CM’s as Peer Facilitators simultaneously?

Thank you for your attention to this post.

If you would like to discuss in more detail, please do hesitate to contact me directly.


Terri Ivory

609-883-5335 x 152


  • 14 Dec 2019 11:45 PM | John Furman
    Dear Terri, Washington State informally contracts with peer support group facilitators to run our state-wide groups. The nurses pay the facilitators directly for services within parameters - most groups are $20 or $80/month with a sliding scale for nurses who are indigent. For the most part the groups are run under a traditional peer support model with a clear separation from the monitoring program (we do require facilitators to report relapse, concern of harm to self or others...) Bottom line response to your questions is that there is a clear separation between the program and the groups and CMs do not also act as facilitators. That said our CMs frequently attend groups as guests and are welcomed by the groups. Give me a call if you would like to discuss. John
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